Kamaltara Cork, Wooden Bottle Stopper (Beige)

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Pack of 25 Corks


Natural wine bottle stoppers extracted from a bark of Quercus suber tree (Cork Tree) produced in Portugal and also used for flute making. Agglomerated corks are ideal for early-consumption wines. These stoppers offer high performance at a competitive price, and are recommended for all wine bottling.

IMP*  The diameter of an uncorked wine cork is usually 23-24 mm and its length 38 mm. When inserted into the bottle neck, the cork is compressed to 19 mm, which results in a much stronger seal and the upper face parallel to the bottle neck., Corking machine required for inserting compulsory.

  • 2.3 cm
  • 3.8 cm
  • 2.3 cm
Other Dimensions
  • 38x23mm


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